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Nov 17 '11

Why oh why would my two favourite subjects be literature and physics? Why would anyone do that to me?
you can imagine how many people walk from literature to physics with me -_- absoultuely no one else takes those two subjects. I am the all-encompassing nerd - the worst kind.

The point is, eventually, i am going to have to pick which one to build my life on. Science is all for those stable, secure, decent salary jobs you’re mother loves but… ugh.

Ever get that feeling that just because you’re good at something, that means you should do it. Like it would be irresponbisble and ungrateful of you not to?

I’m not saying i wouldn’t enjoy a career in physics, i’d be quite happy. I’d just rather be sat at home tapping on my keyboard to get that first book finsihed, the first edition on my bedisde table.

But there’s no guarantee that’ll happen. But that’s life.

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